Funny Masterpieces of Photoshop – Worth1000

When I’m working there is certain period of time that I’m using just to relax a bit from work. There is several things to do – somebody is checking out MySpace, somebody is playing flash games or taking coffee brake to talk with colleagues – in worst case go to have a smoke. But now I have found very interesting site Worth1000 Photoshop Galleries where is shown images that people are making using PhotoShop.



At Worth1000 they are running contests for people who works with PhotoShop and between the participants is also very good professionals and the result is very interesting and funny. I will put some of the pictures below that you can see how good they really are. The gallery is updated almost every day and I rally want to recommend to have a look at gallery time to time.



Below I will ad couple images where you can see source pictures and end result image after touch of PhotoShop professional:



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