Fun up your Mobile Phone with ZipClip

Wouldn’t it be fun when you are browsing the web and you find something interesting that you want to upload quickly on your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading that interesting stuff into your PC, then connecting your phone to the PC to transfer the stuff into your mobile phone? Rejoice, because ZipClip is offering us a “browser add-on” that can facilitate a faster way of transferring stuff we find on the web to our mobile phone.

If you’re familiar with web clipping tools and applications, ZipClip works something like those tools but instead of saving your web clippings in your PC’s clipboard, you can immediately send the clippings to your mobile phone just by “right-clicking” on that particular web item and sending it to your mobile phone.

Just by installing, the ZipClip application to both your mobile phone and PC, you can immediately start sending web stuff such as photo or image, video, text, audio or music.

Aside from sending interesting stuff to your mobile phone, you can also use ZipClip to share it with your friends provided that you have added them in your ZipClip account. Or for audio and video content, you can send them to the ringtone maker where 20 seconds of that audio or video will be taken out and converted into a ringtone music format. That sounds easier than Sony Ericsson’s ringtone composer, right?

Basically, ZipClip is a simple application and yet powerful tool for spicing up your mobile phones. It’s a free application and the only cost that you might incur is the data charges that you might consume when transferring files into your mobile phones. But hey, you also spend for those stuff anyways when buying from other external sources. Why go through the hassles when you can do it in a faster, direct-to-phone way.