FT Tilt Tilts Coverage Toward Emerging Markets

Tilt is bad in pinball, but Financial Times hopes it’s good when it comes to covering emerging markets, as the newspaper announced the debut of FT Tilt, a premium online financial news and analysis service covering that sector.

FT Tilt was launched by the same team that created financial blog FT Alphaville, which made its U.S. debut in September 2009, and it will cover Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

The service also includes Tilt Populi, a community where approved members share commentary or research on emerging markets topics; Tilt Pro, a premium, subscription-only area with exclusive news, analysis, and insight; and an enhanced search and filtering system. FT Tempo — in which FT Tilt journalists offer a “sentiment score” when news is published, calculating whether it will be upbeat or downbeat for companies, sectors, or asset classes involved — will be added soon.

FT Tilt editor-in-chief Paul Murphy said:

Recent years have seen economic power shift — or tilt — south and east. This trend is accelerating rather than diminishing, and we see strong demand from our core professional readers for increasingly granular news and insight in markets beyond the developed G3 economies. The service will connect the dots across the emerging world to present a holistic view of this vibrant and increasingly central story.

By drilling down into the important yet underreported world of emerging markets, gathering a professional community of members contributing to a high-level and dynamic conversation, and measuring collective sentiment of the news, FT Tilt is taking an unprecedented step in the evolution of online journalism to better serve its readers with interests and stakes in even the most opaque corners of the world.