Front-Loading Branding Makes Twitter Video Ads More Effective (Study)

Twitter touted the recall and memorability of its video ads, citing research it conducted with IPG Media Lab.

Twitter touted the recall and memorability of its video ads, citing research it conducted with IPG Media Lab.
The study by Twitter and IPG found that:

  • Approximately one-half of Twitter users recalled video ads on the social network after viewing just one second.
  • Video ads were found to be twice as memorable in Twitter’s feed compared with on premium sites, due to content in their feeds being seen as “personal” and “self-curated,” as well as relevant to users’ interests and “less intrusive.”
  • The three-second mark is a key spot for video ads, as recall rose 13 percent between the one-second and three-second marks.
  • Enticing users to watch the full video allows skippable pre-roll to perform much better than when skipped at some point after five seconds.
  • Branding elements that appear directly above social videos before the “viewability timer” starts ticking allow for strong branding at low levels of “time in view” for the video itself.
  • Providing heavier, early branding can help drive awareness at lower levels of viewability.
  • Getting to the point by providing the most important information in the ad up front as opposed to spread across the full 15 seconds makes ads much more persuasive.

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Twitter global agency research and data strategy lead Heather O’Shea said in a release announcing the study’s results:

While we expected some impact below the industry viewability standard, we were pleased to see that nearly one-half of the audience recalled the ads after only one second in view on Twitter. By partnering with IPG Media Lab for this media trial, we’ve been able to demonstrate that Twitter’s highly curated feed environment actually impacts how brand messages are received by users because they are in an open and discovery-oriented mindset.

IPG Media Lab senior vice president of intelligence solutions and strategy Kara Manatt added:

We were struck by how valuable the impact of front-loading your branding and messaging can be. In today’s environment, where the competition for attention is so severe, the results of our media trial show that it’s critical to front-load your vital messaging. We’re pleased to have found an ideal partner in Twitter to examine impact of video in the social environment.

Readers: What did you think of the findings by Twitter and IPG Media Lab? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.