From The Recruiter’s Desk: How To Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting

Lindsay Olson is a partner and recruiter with Paradigm Staffing, where she specializes in helping companies and agencies find public relations and communications professionals throughout the United States.

She has over ten years experience recruiting in the PR industry and also writes a career-related blog at You can find her on Twitter via @prjobs.

Olson’s latest column looks into the changing landscape for job seekers, and the fact that – gasp – PR pros are in much better shape today then they were this time last year.

The job market is picking up and one question that has been coming up frequently is how to give notice to a current employer. Here’s a few quick tips:

1. Accept and sign the formal offer with the new company before giving your notice. The formal offer letter should have important information such as base salary, start date, reporting structure, benefits, etc.

2. Write a resignation letter to hand to your boss when you give your notice. This should be short and sweet. Something along the lines of “Dear Boss, my last day at ABC Agency will be Friday, March 26nd. I want to thank you for your guidance and the opportunities this company has given me. I wish you and the team the best. Sincerely, Me.”

3. The conversation should be similar. You should approach your boss privately and let her know you have accepted a new position and your last day of employment. Then hand her the letter. Keep the explanations to yourself. Long explanations and Oscar winner speeches only make the situation more uncomfortable and you appear reluctant about your decision. It’s business – people changes jobs everyday.

4. Work with your boss on a transition plan. She may want to wait to tell your colleagues and clients. This part should be decided upon with your boss.

5. Be prepared for this day to possibly be your last day with the company. Depending on your position, relationships with clients, and company policy, it sometimes isn’t in everybody’s best interest to continue working for two weeks. Don’t take it personally if you are walked out and always maintain your professionalism.

Changing jobs and giving notice are a stressful situations for everybody. Keeping it simple makes the process easier.