From soup to nuts: How Diddy’s cooking show melted down

We just love Joal Ryan at E! – whomever s/he is, no one puts a reality TV ratings story in better context.

For example, how the Peacock’s “Celebrity Cooking Showdown” went from fresh dough to burnt toast:

“The fleeting life span of a reality TV show: Last Monday, the Diddy-produced Celebrity Cooking Showdown was a modest performer for NBC (37th place, 8.2 million). On Tuesday, it was a bomb (102nd place, 3.3 million). On Wednesday, it was on the comeback trail (75th place, 4.8 million). On Thursday, it was canceled, replaced by repeats of Will & Grace and My Name Is Earl, and turned into Webcasts. On Saturday, the Web episodes made their broadcast debuts, and nobody cared (122 place, 2.5 million for the first hour; 113th place, 2.8 million for the second hour).”

We shudder to think: What if Naomi Campbell hadn’t gone nuts for a third time? Culinary history might have been different.