fring Let iPhone Users Know that Voice & Video VoIP Calls Now Allowed Over 3G Connections

YouTube video courtesy of fringland

Until now, VoIP (voice over IP) calls which uses the Internet to make voice calls was only enabled on the iPhone if you were on a WiFi (wireless LAN) connection. The good folks at fring let us know that this all changed this week…

3G video & voice calls now available on iPhone!

The other good news is since this is the result of an Apple policy change, a software update is not needed to make calls over a 3G connection.

Video calls are, of course, one-way since (a) the iPhone’s camera is on the back of the phone and (b) the 2G iPhone and iPhone 3G do not deal with recording video very well.

Still this is good progress and good news. Thanks to the nice folks at fring for letting us all know about the change and providing a video demonstrating the change.