Friday Morning Laughs: Leia Gets Catcalled, Creative Vines

Happy Friday once again! Watch Princess Leia walk the streets of Manhattan, Vine users get creative, and the Drama King go off about #AlexFromTarget.

Happy Friday once again! Since most of the U.S. is still in a horrible deep freeze, these silly videos will get you all warm and fuzzy with laughter.  Watch Princess Leia be catcalled, Vine users get creative, and the Drama King go off about #AlexFromTarget.

Princess Leia is Catcalled

Princess Leia doesn’t have it any easier while walking through the streets of Manhattan. I mean, can you believe even Yoda propositioned her?

Scaredy Cats

Nothing is better than a good cat video. These cats get the bejesus scared out of them for our amusement.

And a Bigger Kitty …

The bond between this man and a lion cub is incredible.

Vine Users Get Creative

It will always amaze me at how creative people can get with their Vine videos. Here’s a great compilation.

Remember #AlexFromTarget?

This is quite possibly the BEST commentary on the phenom #AlexFromTarget. The Drama King nails it when he says that teenage girls will go after any guy who’s acne free with a Bieber haircut.

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