Friday Morning Laughs – Monopoly, Old Spice & A Hip Hop Pup

TGIF! Friday is here again and, as always, we’ve got a collection of fun videos to usher you into the weekend with a smile on your face. Check them out after the jump.

TGIF!  Friday is here again and, as always, we’ve got a collection of fun videos to usher you into the weekend with a smile on your face.  This week we bring you the brand new Old Spice guy, an awesome parody trailer for a Monopoly movie, an amazing dancing dog, a funny commercial parody and a doctor with some serious skills.  Check out all our Friday Morning Laugh videos below and have a wonderful weekend!

Old Spice – Jungle Wilderness

Move over Isaiah Mustafa!  This week Old Spice introduced a brand new manly mascot—the Danger Zone man, who goes through hell—getting eaten by an alligator, hit by a truck and more—while still smelling terrific.  The spot is for an Old Spice product called Danger Zone, which you may notice doesn’t readily turn up in a Google search result.  A spokesperson from Weiden + Kennedy told me that this is because Danger Zone is currently only available outside of the US.  According to a post by The Mill, the post-production company that worked on the spot, it was shot entirely in New Zealand.

Monopoly – Official Trailer

Monopoly has got it’s own movie trailer and it’s awesome.  The trailer takes the popular Hasbro/Parker Bros board game to a whole new level, ripe with sex, violence and real estate.  “Do not pass go! Do not collect $200!”

“Pinga” Dancing Hip-Hop

This is definitely one of the best videos I’ve seen all week.  It features a hilarious dog trick.  This French bulldog dances alongside his owner on the couch.  Amazing.

Women Sort Yourself Out

Here’s a hilarious commercial parody from British sketch comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look.  The commercial points out how advertisers target women and how they target men. Too true…I especially like the commercial that’s geared towards men.  Brilliant.

Trick Shot Doc

These days trick shot videos are all over the web, from trick pool shots to trick beer pong shots, people throwing hats onto heads and more.  Here’s a video that sort of pokes fun at these, featuring a trick shot doc—a doctor doing trick shots with everything from tongue depressers to reflex hammers, syringes and more.  Of course it’s probably fake (it’s got to be, right??), but it’s still hilarious.

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