Fresh As a Daisy: Early Flight Attendants Faced Sexism

shirleyflightairhostess.jpg It’s hard to imagine a time there was a time when flight attendants (then known ask sky girlss, stewardesses, air hostesses) had to look like they didn’t sweat. What’s more they were expected to wear a hat and a pair of gloves and carry a spare pair of pantyhouse. Can you imagine? What’s more early flight attendant uniforms were pragmatic with deep pockets so they could carry wrenches, according to Dawn Klingensmith‘s article. That was in the 1940s, but by then 1960s, stewardesses were looking stylish. Airlines hired Dior, Halston, Pucci and to create fashionable attire. It’s interesting that now in the post 9/11 era there’s a perception that flight attendants should be the stewards of safety, not cute air hostesses serving martinis.