French: WRONG!!!!!*

Zell Miller, Right.jpgThis was almost my new favorite parody until I realized that it wasn’t a parody: an honest-to-goodness song called “Bush Was Right” all about celebrating the vindicated wisdom of the Commander-in-Chief.

It’s by a very earnest, very right-wing duo out of Nashville, “The Right Brothers” (clever, right?) and apparently they’re campaigning to get the video on TRL. It’s done in a We-Didn’t Start-The-Fire sort of way (which we obviously can appreciate) with a bridge that really would have been worthy of top satirists…again, if only it actually were a parody. Ah well. Accidental genius still kind of counts.

Here’s a little sample to crack you up — and it should, regardless of your stripes — and here’s Keith Olbermann‘s take on a possible video, courtesy of Crooks & Liars. This, by the way, is not new news (&#224 la stove-top stuffing) but is nonetheless worthy of sharing. Give a listen. You can’t be working all that hard today.

*Zell Miller: Right.