Francophones In Quebec Less Active On Every Social Channel — Except Twitter [STUDY]

May 2013 research from CEFRIO reveals major social networking differences in English and French speakers in Quebec.

Canada’s second-largest province has lower penetration rates for all social sites among French speakers compared to English speakers, with one exception: Twitter.

As eMarketer reports, YouTube showed a 13-point advantage among English speakers vs. French speakers; Pinterest and LinkedIn were both nearly twice as popular among English speakers over French; and Facebook and Google+ penetration were also slightly lower among French speakers.

Yet Twitter displayed a higher popularity among the francophones of Quebec, compared to its English speakers.

The data also examined social networking habit differences between English speakers and French speakers in Quebec. Evidently, the latter were more likely to interact with other users whereas the former were more likely to engage in accessing their own accounts, sharing and creating content.

With the new Twitter Canada office up and running, perhaps additional insights can be gleaned from the CEFRIO data and adjustments be made in surfacing French-language content. Marketers, as well, should be attuned to the apparent need for French content on social channels.

(Source: eMarketer.)