Free StumbleUpon iPad Web Discovery App a Good Lean Back Experience

While StumbleUpon is still a popular website, there was a time when it was one of the key ways to try to make your web content more discoverable. StumbleUpon lets you discover web content within a wide variety of categories. Now, there’s a free app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you “stumble” around within these categories. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler says:

The iPad Was Built For Something Like StumbleUpon, Now They Have A Worthy App

I take the flipside of the view. I believe that StumbleUpon’s quasi-random search results make the service closer to entertainment than search and makes it a better fit for the “lean back” nature of the iPad and, to a lesser extent, the iPhone. If you have a few free minutes, or even hours, it can simply be a lot of fun to take a random walk through web content related to a topic (“animals” for example). Although StumbleUpon’s web content stumbling was and is a popular activity, I did not find it compelling in a “lean forward” desktop or notebook computer situation. On the other hand, it seems well suited for a tablet experience. So, my take is “StumbleUpon was built for something like the iPad.”

StumbleUpon! (iTunes App Store)