Free Streaming TV from Around the World for Windows Phone: SPB TV

Windows Phone users already have access to streaming video services like Netflix and Bitbop. They can add a free streaming video app and service to their list now.

What’s on SPB TV, Windows Phone 7 users?

SPB TV aggregates more than 150 TV channel video feeds from a variety of sources from around the world in 20+ countries. Its integrated program guide provides a list of current and upcoming shows for the video feeds. You can even see a preview of second channel in Picture-in-Picture mode on the Windows Phone display.

SPB does not control the content or the feed. So, video and audio quality varies from channel to channel. I also found that some channels were unavailable.

SPB TV provides a nice quick way to sample TV programming from around the world. And, the price is right: SPB TV 2.0 is available for Windows Phone 7 users absolutely for free and requires no subscription fee.

You can find SPB TV 2.0 in the Windows Phone Marketplace.