Free IntelliVocab for SAT iPhone App Might Help Prep Your Teenager for the Fall Test Season

If you have a teenager at home planning to take the SAT exams this fall, here’s a tool that might be useful.

IntelliVocab for SAT Released to Beat SAT with an Interactive iPhone Application

IntelliVocab for SAT completely controls the learning environment, so that users do not have to plan the learning approach. All they need to do is interact. Powerful enough for advanced learners and simple enough for beginners, IntelliVocab for SAT uses latest machine learning algorithms and determines user’s level – Expert or Commitment. The more practice, the more IntelliVocab learns about a user and figures out words that are difficult. It enables users to achieve the top scores in the SAT competitive exam or in their professional work.

This free app includes over 600 common words for practice at two levels (Expert and Commitment). I gave it a quick try and am, quite frankly glad I’m not preparing for the SAT. There is not a paid version with more words or in-app paid modules to enhance the app. You can find in the iTunes App Store at:

IntelliVocab for SAT