Free Hosting For Facebook Applications

Free web hosting providers have been around for at least a decade. Most of those providers covered costs via advertising revenue. Om Malik has posted about Joyent’s new offering to Facebook developers. Soon, Joyent will provide free mid-tier hosting solutions for all Facebook application developers. This makes a lot of sense for Joyent given that they have scalable solutions that can host even the most robust Facebook applications.

A few days ago, another hosting provider emailed me about a similar solution. They launched the Free Unmetered Hosting application which is essentially a promotion for the hosting site As far as I know, this company doesn’t provide the same type of scalable, redundant hosting sollutions that Joyent provides.

The majority of Facebook applications will never need to upgrade to the premium hosting solutions given that there are few applications that have a large number of users. As I told Om Malik yesterday, there are only 4 applications on Facebook that have over 1 million daily users and 91 applications that have over 1 million total installs. Approximately 15 percent of all applications have at least 10,000 installs. As the platform expands you can expect these numbers to decrease.

So for all of you that plan on launching your own applications in the coming months, Joyent appears to be the best option. Free hosting and future scalability if by chance your application hits a home run and gets hundreds of thousands of users.