Free eBook of the Day: CARDANICA

40Key Publishing, an Italian publisher, is trying a new promotional tool with one of their eBooks. Alongside the paid edition of CARDANICA, they are now also offering a free “pirate” edition.

Here’s an excerpt from Amazon: “A poisonous sand world where people travel inside big ship-trucks. Outside the protection of that structure, there are no possibilities of surviving in that inhospitable place but boarding a pneumoarc, the strange scape/survival vehicle that can detach from the ship and take people to a safer place like a Metroport. Garrasco, the Sandguard, and Victor, his second-in-command, knew that. So when the Robredo, one of the greatest pieces of engineering, lost power and shipwrecked they have to trust the pneumoarc to survive. But it ends up being more than a machine: a terrifying thing that drips oil and blood from the walls, where Garrasco and Victor are like prisoners.”

The free edition is available as Epub and Kindle, and can be found at the link below. The paid edition can be found in the Kindle Store and iBooks.