Free App: World FactBook

Amazon gives away a fee app every day, and today’s app shows you why that’s not always as good of a deal as you might think.

It’s an ebook app built around the data published each year by the CIA. Don’t worry, there’s nothing sinister here; the World Fact Book is an annual publication of the CIA which has been released every year since the 1960s.

The World Fact Book contains basic current statistics on all countries in the world, including who is in charge, major political parties, population statistics, and more. The content for the Fact Book is freely available on the web, and that makes it easy for developers to turn it into ebooks, apps, and so on. And lots have. The app that’s on sale today normally sells for $3, but you can also find any number of apps which offer the same information but cost nothing.

My point here is that there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for apps: for every paid app, there is likely a couple free alternatives that are better. That’s certainly true here. Today’s deal is no deal at all.