Franken Defender Tells Cathy Seipp “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Twerp Will Never Hurt Me”


Huff Post blogger, Ankush Khardori, is determined to have the last word with Cathy Seipp about how many minorities can dance on the head of Al Franken. He purports to set the record straight and disprove his own twerpiness. You can almost see him stamping his foot and tossing his boyish curls.

To be fair, Seipp did call him a twerp. Or rather, a twerpy contributor. So, he laboriously crafts the rebuttal, alerts her to the post and gets his Eat the Press boss, Rachel Sklar, to back him up. (Is this the new paradigm–you get your boss to write a sternly worded note?)

Sklar hauls out the big gun: Khadori is going to be a lawyer. He’s joining a big New York firm, where she herself once toiled. Seipp seemed to be underwhelmed by this news. (Are there really people so naive as to think being a lawyer is impressive? Call us when you’re Atticus Finch.) Seipp told FBLA that:

Initially my eyes glazed over, because it seems this whole item has passed its sell-by date at this point, but I’m glad young Ankush is still interested.

And in another corner, rested from the long weekend, Al returned for another round with author Peter Schweizer by sending a follow-up letter to National Review. He’s still counting everyone with a deep tan that ever got him coffee.

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