Fox’s Henneberg Cooks Up A Tart

A week after having her car stolen on Capitol Hill, Fox’s Molly Henneberg shares some of her favorite foods and gives us some insight in the lives of the Washington Fox bureau as the subject of the latest “Fave Foods of the Famous” column (evidently available in the Examiner):

“I probably have the strangest eating habits among my colleagues. When I work the early shift, I bring a sandwich bag of dry Cheerios for breakfast. No milk, no spoon. My co-workers tease me about how boring and bland that is, but it’s my version of a morning cup of coffee. As far as coworkers go, Major Garrett is our resident runner, and he tends to survive on nuts, granola bars, and energy drinks. I am continuously impressed by his healthy eating habits, even when there are cookies just down the hall.”

She also offers readers her delicious-sounding blueberry tart recipe.