Foursquare Updated

The iOS and Android versions of the popular check-in app Foursquare has been updated. One of the first things that I noticed after installing the upgrade on my Nexus S is a new Specials Nearby feature that displays all of the Foursquare specials near your location. Most of the specials are coupons for savings when you check-in at a location.
A new Explore button replaces Tips. Explore will show recommended places near your current location. The recommendations are based on other user check-ins, and you can configure Explore to display places with tips, check-ins, and to-dos from everyone, only your friends, or only yourself. Your profile, which you display by selecting the Me button, now includes a points leaderboard of you and your friends. Every time you check-in at a place you earn points, and the points you earn determines your place on the leaderboard.