foursquare Tweaks Homepage

foursquare announced some tweaks to its Web site, mainly when it comes to friends — more focus on what friends are doing and how to find and add them. From the foursquare Blog:

Lately, we’ve been making a lot of updates to the foursquare app, so we figured it was time to show some love to the Web site. A couple new things that you’ll notice as you’re surfing around today:

We cleaned up the homepage for logged-in users, with more of an emphasis on what your friends have been doing lately. It should make it easier to keep up on things from your desktop.

We also fixed up the tools for finding friends, making it simpler to add and manage them.

There are a few other random tweaks and clean-ups, but those are the two more noticeable ones. Hope it makes it easier to keep up with your friends, even when your phone is not handy.