Foursquare Provided NFC Powered Tap to Check-in Feature at Nokia World

Nokia’s Near field Connectivity Blog provided interesting, if somewhat dated, information in a recent post. It lets us know that Nokia and Foursquare enabled NFC (Near Field Communications) check-in at Nokia World which took place in London a month ago (October 26-27).

Foursquare gets NFC ‘magic’ @ Nokia World

The free Foursquare for Symbian app enabled check-ins by tapping a poster with an NFC tag. The Foursquare app did not have to be running in order for the check-in to occur. The tap and detection of the NFC tag starts the Foursquare app and automatically completes the check-in process.

The timing of the discussion a month after the event is not the only odd thing about this information. Nokia is abandoning its Symbian platforms in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone for its new flagship Lumia series of smartphones. Neither the Lumia 710 or 800 have an NFC radio. This means that Foursquare NFC check-in and any NFC related app activity is limited to Nokia’s older phones for the forseeable future.

Note: You can find other NFC-enabled Symbian apps here: Nokia Store search for NFC results