Foursquare For iPhone Upgrade Includes New Radar Feature

Today is a big day for iPhone and iPad owners as Apple has released iOS 5, the newest version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices that has more than 200 new features. Apple is not the only company providing new features with iOS 5, app developers will be releasing new versions of their apps to take advantage of the features, and Foursquare is one example.

Foursquare announced via a post on their blog a new version of their location-based check-in app for iOS. The main new feature in Foursquare is called Radar, which will provide notification of things nearby where you check-in that you might not know about.

The example provided by Foursquare is if you follow a list like the 2001 best dishes and drinks, and you check-in near a location on that list, you will see a notification telling you what is nearby. I imagine that Radar is another way for Foursquare to make money by telling prospective customers that they can draw people to their business. Radar will also provide you notifications if any of your friends are nearby.

The new version of Foursquare should be in the iTunes App Store, although they did say there was a slight delay, so if you don’t find it, be patient as it should be available soon.