FourSquare Brings Photos and Comments to iPhone

It’s finally here! After promising this feature all year, FourSquare writes on the company’s blog, photos will now be available for the iPhone. You’ll also be able to add comments via the new application for this device. These are two features that users have been clamoring for, and they are here just in time for those Christmas meetups!

With the new comments feature, you’ll be able to tell your FourSquare friends when you’re nearby. So, instead of having to bounce out of FourSquare to Twitter or text to make your next interaction truly social, you’ll be able to take advantage of a seamless experience. Further, you’ll be able to get “a last-minute comment reminding you to order the best dish saves your meal. (You can even comment on the website and from check-in links posted to Facebook and Twitter!),” FourSquare explains.

Additionally, you’ll be able to post tips with photos. Think about this as a tool for recommendations and warnings … especially at restaurants. Saying service is bad is one thing – posting a picture of an employee on a cell phone while you’re waiting is far more powerful.

To make sure these features work properly, make sure your iPhone has FourSquare “push notifications” enabled. This will let you know when your friends drop a comment for you. Also, note that photos on your check-ins will only be visible to your friends on FourSquare and on the other networks to which you post your check-ins, such as Facebook and Twitter. But, your tips and venue photos will be open to everyone on FourSquare. Comments, of course, are for friends only.

So, how do you plan to use these new features? Leave a comment to let us know!