Four Ways Fashion Brands Are Using Video

Fashion brands are drawn to video like a moth to a flame. As it should, given the inherently visual nature of clothes, makeup, and accessories. We’ve ID’d four general reasons labels go for video promos.

Fashion as Art

Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham-Carter, both known as cinematic risk-takers, star in the latest Prada clip, directed by Roman Polanski called “A Therapy.” The only overt mention of the Prada name is the lingering shot of the inside of Bonham-Carter’s shoe. Otherwise, it’s a kooky, funny vignette that comes out of nowhere and ends in the same place. Also, Helena Bonham-Carter should say, “I love my daddy” just like she does here in every movie she makes. [via Adweek]

Thank the fans

Like other brands that want to foster goodwill with customers, fashion labels want to show their appreciation for shoppers and create a connection so they’ll buy more stuff. Nautica celebrates one million Facebook “likes” with its fans in the clip below.


Showcase a legacy

Many designers have been around for ages, which naturally creates lots of material to cull for social media purposes. A couple of months ago, Michael Kors acknowledged his Facebook accomplishment with a look back at his career.

Behind the Scenes
We’re all fascinated with the ways in which the impeccable ads, fashion shows, and designer duds come together. Moreover, video offers us a way to hear directly from the designers and models, who stay largely mute in the day-to-day fashion imagery we come across. Here, Marc Jacobs talks about how the Spring/Summer 2012 Louis Vuitton ads came to be. Notice how unlike America’s Top Model the whole thing seems.