Former TechCrunch Writer Offers ‘Startup PR Advice’ for $300/45 Min

You should probably know that Jason Kincaid once covered startups for TechCrunch. He’s the guy whose blog post prompted Evernote CEO Phil Libin to write a nice damage control follow-up last week.

He’s also now a pricey PR consultant, as Valleywag revealed this afternoon by sharing a link to the Google Helpout page advertising his services.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 6.27.58 PM

Find out what his rate will get you after the jump.

In addition to reviewing your startup pitch and telling you why reporters like himself will or (probably) won’t bite, Kincaid will also:

  • Stage a mock interview so you’ll know what to expect from other reporters
  • Review your products with a critical eye
  • Try to “talk you out of” the “miserable” startup “lifestyle” if he gets the sense that it’s not right for you.

He’s “well-versed in the PR dance of embargoes, exclusives, press releases (yech) and so on”, but “please don’t expect [him] to conjure a three-paragraph pitch on the spot.”

We understand exactly why Kincaid would do this, and we say more power to him. For those about to snark, please note that his last line reads:

“Finally, this is an experiment; if demand is really high the price may rise accordingly, if it’s low, I’ll slink away and hope no one noticed.”

That’s hardly Tony Robbins-level thought leadership. It’s just a reminder of the state of the market right now.

(H/T Valleywag, obv)