Former RIAA Chief Exec, CNN and HuffPo Editor Takes Role at Brunswick Group

Brunswick Group, a DC-based PR firm that “often represents companies involved in big mergers,” according to the NYTime‘s Dealbook, has added Hilary Rosen to their staff.

Rosen has previously served as chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, and also held the roles of political director and editor-at-large for The Huffington Post and on-air political contributor for CNN.

“I am not sure which Brunswick clients I will be working on. I will be taking my client Viacom to Brunswick. I hope to invigorate a Washington practice for Brunswick with new clients,” Rosen told PRNewser.

In regards to what she is most looking forward to in her new role, Rosen stated, “I think Washington is going to operate a little differently going forward than in the past and I think it will be exciting to participate. Less back room deals or legislation based on high dollar fundraising. It will be more transparent and more interactive with constituencies. Those of us who know members of Congress and the Administration and the media and know how to satisfy their desire for change will be successful in leading clients down the right path.”

Transparency and more interaction with constituents certainly seem like two things Washington needs more of right now. According to the aforementioned Dealbook report, “Brunswick has advised clients like Inbev, which recently closed its controversial acquisition of Anheuser Busch, and Delta Air Lines, which pulled off a divisive deal for Northwest Airlines.”