Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar to Launch New Startup Called Vessel

Details are few but we know the financial backers

In a blog post today, former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announced the name of his new startup, Vessel, along with information on some of his investors.

As Re/code reports, Kilar has been working on the startup—which until today has operated under the placeholder name The Fremont Project—since last fall. In the blog post, Kilar unveils his financial backers, which include Benchmark, Greylock and Bezos Expeditions, the personal investment company of Jeff Bezos—Kilar's former boss during his tenure as an Amazon executive. 

While Kilar fails to mention it in his blog post, Re/code reports that "Greylock’s David Sze and Benchmark’s Bill Gurley have joined his board."

"I obviously feel privileged to have the opportunity to work directly with Jason and his team," Gurley told the site via email. "I think he is one of the best entrepreneurs of our time." 

While Kilar refrained from revealing much about Vessel's subscription service (presumably something to do with online video, given his pedigree), he did mention that his team has "been busy building a service whose mission is to delight consumers and content creators alike," also noting that they "are unusually passionate about the intersection of media and technology" and "see an opportunity to improve media, particularly next generation video."

The Wrap speculated that the subscription service would be something akin to if "YouTube and Hulu had a baby," reporting that the service "will be freemium, employing advertising but also relying on subscriptions." The site also notes that "[t]hose who have seen it say the product is excellent," although Kilar has done much to keep the project a secret, including asking agents and executives to sign non-disclosure agreements.  

In his blog post, Kilar assures readers that he will "have much more to share prior to the end of the year," but for now we're left with only a foggy view of Vessel's future. 

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