Former CBS News EP to Launch Newsgathering/Social Media Site

Zshalev_12.9.jpgFor the last 18 months, Zev Shalev has overseen the CBS News morning broadcast “The Early Show.” He’s looking forward to returning to a digital life, that, if nothing else, will give him a few more hours of sleep.

This morning, Shalev and CBS News parted ways. But he’s already onto his next project — NewsTsar.

“I’ve always had a passion for trying to figure out how to utilize new technologies and new devices in defining how we tell the story of humankind whether it’s connecting news, viewing news or distributing news,” Shalev tells WebNewser.

In the middle of next year, Shalev will launch NewsTsar. “The idea is to marry news and social media.” Shalev was light on details as it’s still early and some of what he’s testing is proprietary. He’s also going it alone for now and is looking at “various business models” which will include display ads as a main source of revenue.

Despite a TV background — he’s worked in hard news in South Africa and Canada — Shalev is no stranger to the net. He was CEO and executive producer of U8TV, Canada’s first Internet television channel.

As for the name, it has nothing to do with Russian monarchy. “I tried a whole bunch of things,” says Shalev. “I think [NewsTsar] has a nice ring to it.”