Forgotify: A Music Player for All the Spotify Songs You’ve Never Played

There’s an interesting music player that you should be aware of – it’s called Forgotify and it promises to stream all of the music you haven’t listened to on Spotify. By you, I mean, the entire population of Spotify users who have not listened to at least 4 million songs in Spotify’s 20 million tracks library.


As you can imagine, those 4 million tracks are rather odd. My first was Zora Zori by Raamlaxman – on the album “Woh Jo Hasina” followed by Mendelssohn: Recessional by Unspecified – on the album “Music Boxes, Carousels, and Hand Organs” and so on. One subsequent consequence of using this method for music discovery is the absurd amount of Googling one might do while listening to random artists and albums.

Of course, the other consequence of using the service is that the songs will eventually disappear from the player – so, if you’re one to love the ephemeral, the forgotten, or even the bizarre, this music site’s for you.