Forget Red or Blue. In Terms of ‘Shutdown’ PR, Congress Is Acting Yellow.

I’m one of the rare individuals who do not have a problem having a healthy political discussion. I could care less what side of the aisle where you reside providing you do not act as one of the dunderheads on Capitol Hill who can’t stand to discuss anything in a healthy matter — politics, recipes, kittens, puppies or even baby unicorns.

The hatred those 535 dolts have for one another doesn’t make them look bad. Rather, it makes America look bad because this country will vote for each of them again. Nicely done, tired, poor and huddled masses (which is what you will all be in terms of homeless if this mess continues).

So, think about it: If you did this crappy at your PR or marketing job, could you keep it? If you talked about your clients this way behind their back, misrepresented every point of view they have, do you really think said client would not call your boss and demand your pink slip? Of course they would…so why is there no fear of that in Washington D.C.?

Congress is divided. America is too. However, it seems the only thing anyone can agree on is hatred for the people who put us in this situation. Think anything will happen? No, because there is no heavy marketing for change. Oh wait…

If you can honestly read this without hurling some propaganda in comments how this side sucks and the other side is to blame, then consider this: How long can each side escape blaming each other, fighting each other and hating each other without listening to each other and having it blemish its collective public image? Isn’t that at the heart of PR in the first place — reputation management and positioning?

The only management and positioning this shutdown and the pending debt ceiling debate is doing for those 535 stooges’ reputations is how long they reflect the blame from their part in this fiasco. Someone needs to man or woman up, own this mess and build a bridge that none of these precious master debaters can seem to cross.

In other words, if you fart, don’t blame the dog. Own the stink and grab the Febreze! Get off your blessed assurance and sing some new Gospel. At least that is what I would tell my clients. Whelp, maybe not like that but you get the idea.