Ford Mustang Lovers Learn A Little More about the 2011 Pony Through Facebook

The car with the most fans on Facebook got a little more popular late last week when some embargoed specifications for the upcoming 2011 Ford Mustang were leaked through a Facebook Page. Inside Line and Autoblog reported that someone in the know decided to divulge a few of the new Mustang’s engine specs, and the information quickly spread across the Web. Enthusiasts were particularly excited to learn that the iconic Ford will be returning to a 5-liter engine, the same displacement that the Mustang enjoyed for years in Fox Body form.

There isn’t anything particularly unexpected about the leaked specs, but the fact that the Mustang will once again sport a 5.0 engine was enough to rouse interest in the Mustang’s official Facebook Page. It added nearly 6,000 fans following the news’ release, bringing the total to more than 350,000.

Ford has an established presence on Facebook, and though this latest event wasn’t necessarily a company-sponsored leak (that we know of — anyone can post to the Page, and the information appeared to come from a fan), the fact that it generated so much interest on the site in such a short time period is testament to the number of Facebook users that are fans of either the company or the Mustang. Ford has been active in reaching out to social network users, most recently with their promotions for the Fusion Hybrid and new Fiesta.

The spike in interest also shows that fans of the brand are acknowledging Facebook as a source for news and information on all things Ford. The auto maker  continues to use Facebook and other social networks well, especially for their cars and trucks that are designed to appeal to demographics that are heavy Facebook users. The Page also seems to have collected its own group of Mustang enthusiasts — they’re regularly swapping pictures of their cars, and talking about their latest modifications.