Forbes May Be Ready to Merge Print and Web Ops

Forbes Inc., which has famously kept its magazine and Web operations separate even as many of its publishing peers opted to integrate those functions, is expected to jump on the integration bandwagon soon, knowledgeable sources said.

One person said the company is expected to merge Web and print functions for marketing and database management in the coming weeks, then streamline sales by appointing territory directors with oversight for both print and digital reps.

Keeping the digital side independent is seen as having helped develop into the robust property it has become, boasting largely original online content and an audience of 7.8 million unique visitors as of September, per Nielsen Online. But one source said sales reps have been frustrated trying serve advertisers who increasingly want cross-platform deals.

A Forbes rep declined to comment on any changes but pointed out that there has been editorial cooperation, with writers for the magazine filing to and vice versa.