Forbes’ Lewis D’Vorkin Tells Story of Publications’ Digital Rebrand in New eBook

Forbes’ Chief Performance Officer Lewis D’Vorkin has written an eBook that tells the story of how Forbes rebuilt its Web presence after 2009 to stay relevant in a digital world.
The Path Forward for the News Business outlines the company’s approach and includes its successes and failings to help tell the story of how they came to be who they are today.  D’Vorkin explained the company’s revamp process in a blog post about his new book. He wrote:

How do you make a 96-year-old magazine relevant in the era of social media? How do you do the same for an established Web site? What’s the best way for both to work together as one? For the last three years, FORBES, one of the most storied brands in American journalism, worked to answer these questions by changing the culture of publishing.

Digital publishing platform Vook worked with DVorkin on the publication.