For Immediate Release Fridays


(Ice-T, Tupperpimp)

This week’s scan of the bad news uploaded late on Friday includes the fate of Wesley Snipes, a class action suit, a statement from a disgruntled sports columnist, and as Michael Bluth would say, some “light treason:”

Wesley Snipes: guilty of 3 misdemeanors, innocent of 2 felonies

Director of Singapore firm, a U.S. citizen, arraigned on charges of illegally exporting aircraft part to Iran. The Director’s husband, a U.K. citizen is on the lamb

Disgruntled former Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist Stephen A. Smith issues a statement

Organic food company SunOpta slapped with class action suit

In better news, original pimp and gansta rapper-turned Law & Order actor Ice-T and his wife Coco hosted the “Tupperbowl” this week.