For Immediate Release Fridays


Our roundup of bad news releases issued late on Friday once again includes no toy recalls. This is a light week, so we threw in the fight over the Farm Bill, and Dennis Kuchinich’s weekly call for impeachment (Alan Keyes can debate and “vegan wood spirit” can’t? What’s up Register?):

–New casino in St. Charles, MO will open on time for New Years, with no hotel rooms

–Star Buffet, Inc., owner of 43 restaurants, announces big losses in Q3. Star Buffet owns Eric Cartman’s favorite, Casa Bonita in Colorado. I didn’t know it was a real place.

–A weekly call for the impeachment of Dick Cheney

–Senate passes Farm Bill, Environmental Defense condemns it.

We like good news too. There is a perfect Christmas gift that warrants a press release: a shotgun rack for your mattress! After a heated editorial discussion in the newsroom, we decided not to embed the video in this post. Even the As-Seen-On-TV folks are up on the social media!

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