Footballer Alan Smith’s Twitter Account ‘Hacked’ By Dumped Fiancée. Cue Character Assassination

England and Newcastle footballer Alan Smith has had his Twitter account ‘hacked’ by what appears to be a bitter and recently dumped fiancée, with hilarious – and potentially quite damaging – results.

Smith, who has made nineteen appearances for England at an international level, is fairly prolific on Twitter, but looks like he made his last legitimate tweet about 7 hours ago. After that, it’s all his disgruntled ex. And she has a lot to say.

Behold the rage.

(Preserved for future generations at Storify here.)

A woman scorned, and all that, insulting everyone from Smith himself, his old club Leeds and Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson. I don’t know the specific details of their relationship, or what’s left of it, but she’s definitely got some things to get off her chest. I’m guessing she either knew or figured out Smith’s password, logged on to Twitter and then changed it. Or perhaps Smith himself is having some kind of dual-personality breakdown. Either way, Twitter is enjoying it.

Once again we’re reminded at how easy it is for things to go wrong on social media. Look after those passwords, folks. Especially if, by all accounts, you’re a bit of a git.