Florida Man Paints House Like the U.S. Flag Because HOAs Suck and ‘Merica

flag house

Meet Brent Greer, fellow American.

That’s him standing in front of a house that looks like Betsy Ross picked out the color scheme at Home Depot. Decked in his patriotic camo pants and bald eagle haircut, Greer’s house is national news. He was visited by Bradenton, Fla. city code enforcement because his local HOA complained about the way his house looked, so instead of arguing, Greer had an idea.

He took his wife, seven adopted kids, and painted his house to look like this. His reason? “This is America.”

Broke by the Bradenton Heraldthis story got pick-up everywhere. Granted, it is very close to Flag Day (June 14, for those scoring at home), but Greer’s shaking fist in the face of the man made it easy to picture and discuss.

“I want to remind people this is America,” he said. “This is the home of the free, and I’m not changing because I have some zoning ordinance that doesn’t like the way I express myself.”

USA houseAccording to reports, Greer grew up in the 100-year-old home back when his grandmother purchase it. He lives there with his wife and family. Oh, the anonymous HOA schlep that called code enforcement? The reason was a dead Christmas tree on his balcony. In February. The nerve.

To wit, the city sent Greer a two-page letter about the tree and some various and sundry code violations to up the ante. Those other issues included: missing window screens, painting, pressure washing, loose railings, and trash on the property. Apparently, none of those was the magic complaint that set him off and en route to raid a store’s paint department.

He said he was told his home’s exterior painting was not up to city standards. Whelp, he showed you HOA tipster!

“This is a house where a family lives and plays, and it’s my house,” Greer said. “It started off as a statement and that’s way I’m going to keep it. I’m not going to paint over it, I like it.”

You going to argue with him and incur “I hate America” PR points? Yeah, that’s what he said too.


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