Flickr copies YouTube, launches Video for Flicker features

video-on-flickr.jpgSo the rumours were true after all. Flickr has officially announced its video uploading feature. Yes, now, you can’t just upload and view photos, but videos as well. Wait, here’s the catch, the video for Flickr is for Pro members only. Yep, only the $20 paying members of Flickr are going to get this feature. And for some more catch, pro-members are allowed to upload 90 seconds of videos only. Major bummer, eh? But Flickr says, we’ll all get the hang of it. And so we hope so.

Ok, now for some guidelines on the new Video on Flickr:

  • Video file formats accepted by Flickr include; AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP
  • Video for Flickr provides control for play, pause, volume, expand to full size, collapse to previous size
  • Background music for music videos can also be uploaded provided they don’t break any Creative Commons rights
  • No upload limits
  • Video file size must be less than 150 mb
  • Make sure you have Flash installed on your computer to play the music file
  • Embed function is also available, like the embed feature in Flickr photo
  • Videos can’t be edited
  • You can opt not to include your videos into your group tool
  • You can not segregate your videos from your photos

There you go, some guidelines to get you by when using Videos for Flickr. It would be interesting to find out if Flickr’s video uploading tool can match up with the popularity of YouTube.