Flickr Becomes More Social with New Interface

Flickr has become an icon of Web 2.0 particularly when it comes to photo sharing and uploading. Since it was acquired by Yahoo not so long ago, nothing much has happened with the site in terms of new features, site improvement and other things. On the user perspective site, Flickr as a photo sharing and uploading site is pretty much that it. Users upload their photos, create photo albums and then share it with their friends and family. That’s pretty much it. No interaction, not too much buzz and hype. Until now.

Yahoo is silently rolling out a new interface for Flickr members’ home page. That is the page that shows up when you login to your Flickr account and click on the “Home” link at the upper navigation of the page.

Previously it doesn’t give too much interactivity features. It only gives you the link to upload new photos, some of your latest photos from your Flickr photostreams, as well as some new uploads of your contacts and recent uploads from the whole Flickr community.

With the new interface, Flickr your home page some new featured stuff. Aside from showing your latest photo streams, a new link was also added that would display your accounts most recent activities – that is whether a new Flickr member has added you as a contacts or a member has commented on your photo uploads.

Aside from this, Flickr has replaced the uploads of other members with a new way for you to explore the Flickr world, with suggested photos as well as tags, which I’m thinking is dependent on the tags you used for your own uploaded photos and videos.

The new page also gives you the link to your Flickr stats, as well as a quick link to sharing your photos and videos to friends and contacts. And finally, the new home page also now features photos uploaded from your Flickr groups.

It’s not really a big improvement but it’s good to know that Yahoo is still taking care of its most successful product. And hopefully we would see more social-related features in the coming days.

To view the new interface applied to your Flickr account, look for the link that asks if you want to take a sneak peek at your new home page located at the bottom part of your current Flickr home page. Flickr would then ask if you want to opt-in to the new interface. I guess once you decide to opt-in, you won’t be able to revert back to the old design.