FlexT9 for Android Lets You Input Text Using Speech, Gesture Typing, Finger Writing or Typing

FlexT9 for Android Tablets from Nuance Dragon Mobile Apps group combines Dragon’s speech recognition, Swype-like gesture typing (Nuance calls in “trace”), finger writing (like ink), and conventional virtual keyboard typing.
The FlexT9 Tablet Experience
Its ability to combine four input methods seems to address some of the issues I had when I tried Swype last year. FlexT9 is available for $4.99 in the Android Market. Nuance specifically mentions the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, and Dell Streak as compatible tablet devices. It works on Android based smartphones as well as tablets.
While Nuance’s video demo of FlexT9 is obviously designed to show off all four input aspects, I think it reasonably reflects the reality that no single input method is optimial. The ability to easily switch between the four input modes looks to be this app’s real strength.
It would be interesting to use this app on an iPad.