FlauntR Could Be a Photoshop Killer

Doll up your social networking profile or get rid of grandma’s red eye with FlauntR, a spankin’ new online photo editor.flauntr_1Photoshop might be the photo manipulation leader, but with a high price tag and slow load times, what could be better than a free and fast alternative? FlauntR’s PhotoStylr offers thousands of free one-click effects, including fancy frames and funky filters. One of the site’s three applications, the PhotoprofilR, lets users create profile photos for over 30 social networks. No more cropping and resizing over and over again! The trifecta is rounded out with the PhotoEditr, the starightforward image fixer-upper. A single registration gets you access to all three utilities.

As we mentioned, since the site is free and fast, over 10,000 users from over 100 countries have signed up for flauntR within the first 10 days of launching.

Batch upload and share pics (connect with Flickr), print them or just sit back and enjoy their beauty within the site’s full-screen editor. And just in time for Halloween, some ghoulishly spooky themed frames.

While Adobe is probably not shaking in their boots, they should be taking notes. This dummy-proof photo editor is the real deal an dsure to be a hit with anyone intimidated by pixel counts and hex colors.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and engineered in Trivandrum, India the site is already an international sensation.