Flaherty Named Ketchum CEO; Kotcher Appointed Chairman

Ketchum has announced leadership changes right at the top of the organization. As of July 1, Rob Flaherty, senior partner and president, will also become CEO of Ketchum. And Ray Kotcher, currently the CEO and senior partner, will be named chairman. The move is part of a planned leadership transition, with Flaherty continuing to report to Kotcher once they assume their new roles.

Flaherty, at 52, has been with the firm since 1989 and was named president in 2008. Over the course of his time at the firm, he has worked with clients including IBM and Pfizer, led the New York office, and the corporate practice.

Kotcher, 60 years old, has been with the firm since 1983, became president in 1993, and then CEO in June 2000. In 2009, he led the merger between Ketchum and Pleon in Europe and, overall, expanded the firm’s geographic reach during his tenure.

The video above gives a few more details directly from the execs. And below, we’ve got an infographic with more detail about the firm. Click here for more about the leadership transition.