Five Tips To Keep From Overindulging This Holiday Season

It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and you’re still eating turkey and stuffing with a side of pie for lunch. A delightful treat indeed, but Thanksgiving dinner is only the beginning. We’ve now officially entered the holiday season, which means about five weeks of delightful treats that we will regret come January 2 when we’re topping our list of resolutions with “Lose five pounds.”

It’s a vicious cycle! Made particularly hard for PR pros and comms staffers who are busy with events and clients that give easy access to holiday snacks. Rebecca Cooper, author, nutritionist, and founder of Rebecca’s House, has sent us five tips to keep from overindulging, which we’ve published after the jump.

Five Tips to Prevent Overeating This Holiday Season by Rebecca Cooper

It is the season to be jolly. We celebrate the holidays with food, with more food found around every corner of the office, even more so for larger PR and marketing agencies. Along with that comes the dilemma of overeating and still fitting into that party dress or pants.

Here are some tips to help solve that dilemma:

  1. Make sure you have your breakfast and lunch. You will be less likely to overindulge in the extra holiday treats in the coffee room.
  2. Enjoy the holiday desserts with others instead of by yourself. We are less likely to over-eat around other people.
  3. Don’t use eating the holiday treats as a way to put off a project you are dreading.
  4. Don’t keep candy or other snacks at your desk. You will be less likely to eat them mindlessly while you are working.
  5. Bring some fruit and nuts to the office so you have a healthy option. This could help your co-workers too.

Rebecca’s House is focused on treating the wide variety of eating and food disorders. More info is here.