Five Tips for Successfully Dating a Blogger

You think it's easy? Find out just what it takes to date a blogger.

Bloggers are a rare breed, indeed. The die-hard blogger spends every waking (and sleeping) moment consumed with blogging, social media and metrics. Therefore, everything you’ve learned to-date about how to keep a man happy, like the old adage “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, has to be tossed out and it’s time to create a new arsenal. Understanding what makes a blogger tick will get you there, but first, take this little quiz to see how deep in you are.

Blogger Intensity Quiz:

  1. Are the words page views, clicks, pickups and for the win used in high frequency?
  2. Is his BlackBerry in hand, or very close by, at all times?
  3. Is he able to post a picture to Facebook, or send a Tweet, before you can even blink an eye?
  4. Is he constantly thinking of story ideas and testing headlines out loud?
  5. Does he break into hashtags at any moment?

If you answered yes to three or more questions, you’ve got a die-hard on your hands. Don’t panic. You don’t have to dive into the deep end of the blogosphere to survive live happily together but, immersing yourself just a little bit will go a long way. Here are five tricks for the new arsenal.

1. Speak the language: Consolidate your communication to 140 character sound bites. Men already have an upper limit on how many words they can absorb at any given time, a trait that is only heightened for someone who lives in a world of 140 character @replies, DM’s and status updates. It actually wouldn’t be the worst habit to get into, given our female tendency to wordiness, plus it’s good training for your own tweets. For maximum impact, launch with attention grabbing headlines. “The REAL TRUTH behind …”, or “What you DIDN’T KNOW about …”, have proven to be particularly effective.

2. Present things in lists: Lists are a very effective tool since the blogger lives and breathes by the Top 5 and Top 10 tips, ways, reasons, etc … Trust me, he’ll melt the second you propose “The top 5 restaurant choices for dinner tonight”, or whisper “The Top 5 reasons I love you” in his ear.

3. Master social media messaging: If you really want to rock his world, ditch voice in favor of text and social media messaging. DM’s, @replies, Facebook messages and chat all rule above the phone. Bonus: simultaneously message him across multiple platforms, pay back will be sweet.

4. Respect the Mayorship: Do yourself a favor and let him be the first to check in on Foursquare when you’re out and about. Although he’ll say he wants you to check in first so you’ll show up in his twitter stream and people will see you together (<3 <3), the almighty mayorship is the holy grail, don’t deprive him.

5. Find Twitter religion: Twitter is by far the most sacred of the social media platforms for a blogger, so this is the place you’ll really want to jump in. Some easy rules: RT his stuff, don’t compete for first twitpic and, most importantly, familiarize yourself with the twitter lexicon, aka hashtags. That way, when @replies like this one come across your timeline, they won’t be greek to you:

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Hashtags are fun, so be creative and even make up your own hashtag language. It’s kind of a thrill to publicly @reply each other with hashtags that only the two of you know the meaning to:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/tjohansmeyer/status/32892724831064064″]

The Payoff

Adopting some blogger-esque tendencies will pay off in spades. First, he’s always easy to reach, which makes communication a breeze any time, anywhere. Second, it’s admittedly a lot of fun, particularly if you go all and out share pics and videos socially as well. Third, and most important of all, you’ll make your blogger very happy and I don’t have to translate what that means … get creative!

Laurie DePrete is a corporate marketing exec passionate about New York City and travel. She’s the author of Scene by Laurie, which features travel news, insider tips on NYC and the occassional travel tech and social media stories. She also contributes to Business Insider and The Huffington Post.