Five Strategies To Dominate Twitter, Facebook And YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]

They’re the “Big Three” of social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you have a solid presence on all of them, you’re well on your way to social media stardom.

Still, you need to know how to approach all three of these networks if you want to dominate them, and this infographic is going to show you how to do just that.

This infographic comes to us from Awareness, Inc, and it depicts five strategies you can use to rock Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The information comes from a white paper released by Awareness, Inc earlier this month.

It covers five goals that you’ll probably want to achieve on all three networks, and how to get there. The five goals are:

  • Improving your social reach
  • Increasing your fan engagement
  • Identifying and engaging influencers
  • Increasing lead generation
  • Applying analytics to know what works

When it comes to Twitter specifically, Awareness, Inc has some pretty insightful tips.

For instance, if you want to engage influencers – those people who will spread your brand’s message, increase your visibility and even help you generate leads – you’ve got to first identify your top users and marketers, and then work out a system to offer them incentives and rewards. Things like meet & greets, coupons and public acknowledgements all work as a way to reward your influencers.

The infographic is chock-full of tips, tools and examples for improving your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence, so check it out below or read the full white paper here:

(Infographic courtesy of Awareness Networks)