Five Guys May Want to Reconsider its ‘Douchey’ Customer Relations


Chin up, Five Guys. You’ve apparently had worse days.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Five Guys is a delectable source of mouth-watering goodness that honestly could use better public relations (so call me, please).

That said, there’s an unfortunate story that hails from a suburbia Massachusetts Five Guys restaurant, and a manager who got a little non compos mentis over an email. According to the Consumeristsaid manager accidentally copied a customer when he called that very customer a “douche.”

And it gets even awesomer…


Lesson Number 147 of customer relations would be proofread emails before you hit send in a fume of sound and fury.

If you read the email, you can see that the manager was miffed about something. Something about an online order flub that caused the manager to go all scorched earth. This issue, according to Consumerist reader “John,” his gang of misfits were charged for fries that were not included in the initial order.

A nice gift card was sent to John. That should have been the end of that but John pushed one more time because the gift card could not be used to order online. The fit of rage set in. The manager chose to complain about John and his group of merry men. And then forgot to remove John’s name from the CC list in the email.

To wit, we have a story and a great franchise has a skosh of mud in its eye, and quite possibly, there’s an additional statistic to the federal unemployment numbers.