Five Cool Apps to Get You Started Using Google Apps Marketplace

Google has released a new weapon for its quest to conquer the cloud computing space dubbed the Google Apps Marketplace. Google describes its Apps Marketplace as

products and services designed for Google users, including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps

These installable apps are easy to use because they include single sign-on, Google’s universal navigation and some even features that integrate with your domain’s data. Although I’m could not really see any use for those apps as I’m not an administrator of our company’s enterprise computing system, I checked the Google Apps Marketplace nonetheless. What did I find? Several cool online web apps that would really be useful if you’re running an enterprise system that uses Google Business Apps.

Here are some of the cool online business apps that I found interesting on the Google Apps Marketplace:

eFax – lets you send and receive faxes quickly, privately and securely anywhere you can access your email. – streamlines key processes of any operations – sales, purchases, CRM, accounting, inventory and logistics; reduces data entry and helps you to make smart and quick decisions.

Aviary Design Suite – Aviary recently made all its image-editing services free to use. This app lets you create logos, slides, business cards and letterhead, retouch photos, make web templates and banner ads, develop podcasts and more.

Manymoon – lets you attach Google Docs to tasks, projects, and events, add project information to shared Google Calendars, gadget for collaborative task management in Google sites.

Socialwork – lets you share ideas, web links, email and Google Docs, share and access files from web or mobile and nice integration with Gmail, Google Talk, Google Docs; works on a secure environment as well.

So, are you using Google Business Apps? Will you be using some of these business apps?