FitStar Yoga Workout Platform Launches on iOS

FitStar YogaHealth and fitness company FitStar has announced the launch of FitStar Yoga on iOS devices. The app features yoga expert Tara Stiles, and aims to help all users experience the perfect yoga workout, regardless of previous experience or skill level. With FitStar Yoga, users are given personalized workout sessions featuring a selection of more than 300 yoga poses, among other features.

FitStar YogaUpon creating an account, users are asked to rate their skill level, from beginner to expert. The app then loads a 15-minute test workout (which users can choose to skip), which is used to gauge each user’s skill level at the start of their experience.

During each workout, the app plays videos for users to follow along and complete poses. Users are encouraged to rate each pose as too easy, just right, or too hard, and each rating helps the app further tailor the platform to the user’s skill level.

At launch, FitStar Yoga features a database of more than 300 yoga poses, along with eight Freestyle sessions that are recommended to achieve certain results or to be performed at specific times. The Before Bedtime session, for instance, is a 20-minute session that aims to help users relax before going to bed. Another, the Flexible 15, is a 15-minute session designed to increase a user’s flexibility.

“Yoga was by far the most requested new curriculum from our users, and with Tara Stiles sharing our mission of inspiring people globally to live healthier lives, FitStar Yoga was a natural collaboration, ” said Mike Maser, CEO of FitStar, in a statement.

“More than 250 million people practice yoga around the world, with hundreds of millions more that would like to start. We saw a perfect opportunity to create a low-cost, accessible and highly effective mobile yoga experience that lets people everywhere build flexibility, gain strength, and reduce stress at their own pace, without the limitation of cost or the intimidation factor of how to get started.”

While FitStar Yoga is available to download and use for free on iOS devices, the basic (free) membership is limited to one session per week and offers a selection of free Freestyle sessions. Premium members have access to unlimited sessions and Freestyles, as well as HD video and further customization options for each workout. FitStar Yoga Premium is available for $7.99 a month or $39.99 a year.